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June 11 2015

quick question to people who stick chewing gum underneath tables in public places


the fuck is wrong with you? 

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Two new styles! - Dita Von Teese Gloves


Lesbians are going to crash Netflix tomorrow

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We tend to forget that babysteps still move you forward.
— ten-word poem #55
(via drepengrey)

June 10 2015

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June 09 2015

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shinjuku and akihabara

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Black pinup girls exist too…really feel like they are under appreciated.

Pophearts <3

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Photographs of wild cockatoos by Leila Jeffreys from her series Bioela.

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so many male celebrities have been outed as actual abusive scumbags but people like to hate on female celebs instead for like… making money and being attractive 

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Even though this style is not “me” in any way, I think this picture turned out great.

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June 08 2015


I love the word “fuckboy”. After so many years of constantly hearing “slut”, “skank”, and “whore” mainly used as insults against women, it’s great to have one specialized for men. It’s great that we’re coming together to call out annoying, perverted, irrelevant men by calling them “fuckboys”. I love it. More, please.

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oh my god

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